February 8, 2012


A father runs into his son’s room and flips on the light.

Father: “I heard you screaming. What’s wrong?”

Son: “There’s a monster in my closet, and he’s trying to kill me.”

Father: “Son, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” 

Son: “There isn’t?”

Father: “No. We are all going to die someday.”

Son: "We are?"

Father: "Yes. Whether it be by the hand of the monster in your closet or the steady decay of your body as life takes its toll.”

Son: “What’s the difference between being killed by a monster and being killed by life?”

Father: “Death by monster is quicker.”

Son: “What’s the point of living?”

Father: “Ice cream.”

Son: “Okay.”

The father leaves. After he closes the door a monster walks out of the boy’s closet holding a pint of ice cream.